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Geared to the Time, Anchored to the Rock!

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290 non-Christian students signed up for this event. 132 Christians from different schools and churches in Johor Bahru served with us in this event. 2 weeks before the event, we were short of Christian helpers, but one day before the event, the Lord provided us the number of helpers we needed.

Thank God, the weather was good and the event proceeded smoothly. Most importantly, I thank God for opening the hearts of the students to hear the gospel. 9 students prayed to accept Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord, and another 84 were interested to know more about Jesus Christ.

This was the first time I was the main coordinator for such an event; I was very stressed out. I thank the Lord for equipping me and guiding me. I learned a lot through this event – to look at the big picture, and how everyone should work together.

The event is over, but our work has not ended. We are now following up the students who responded. Pray that they would respond to the word of God as we help them know God better. Pray too for the Christians they their passion for sharing gospel will grow and they will continue to share the gospel to those who have yet to come to know Christ.

Kuok Han, Johor YFC staff