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Geared to the Time, Anchored to the Rock!

Golden Strait 5: Ultimate Craze Winner

Golden Strait 5

Preparation for this event started in February. A group of volunteers and students planned and ran this event. Many of them were inexperienced and had no idea how to plan such a mass event, but they were willing to learn. The preparation was difficult at times, but they grew through the whole process.

Just days before the event, we realized that there were not enough Christians to share the gospel to the more than 300 non-Christians that we expected would come. Our aim was to have each Christian share the gospel to two or three non-Christians, depending on their ability and experience. Thank God on the day of the event, YFC staffs, volunteers and students from KL and Johor came to help share the gospel and in the running of the event.

We shared the gospel in small groups – with one Christian sharing the gospel to two or three students. 108 Christian teenagers from different churches worked together to serve as group leaders. Their main roles were to lead the groups in the activity and to share the gospel.

After the event, we contacted the students who indicated their desire to accept Christ or who were interested to understand more about God. We invited them to attend a Fun Board game activity on 8 and 11 June. In these meetings, the students watched a video clip taken during the Golden Strait event, played some board games and joined an evangelistic bible study. For those who did not turn up for the Board Game, we will follow up on them in other ways. Please pray for the follow up.