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e-Action 7: Disciple GPS


Every 2 years, we conduct e-Action camp to equip Christians in youth evangelism and get them to put into practice the Great Commission. On 28-31 May 2014, we conducted this camp at Seminary Theology Malaysia, Seremban. The main thrust of this camp was to help Christian young people align their lives to God’s positioning system (GPS) and to understand what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ. Dr. Lee Mee Onn from Malaysia Bible Seminary was the main theme speaker.

The campers, mostly secondary school students, were reminded of the work of God in reconciling man to Himself through our Lord Jesus Christ. Dr. Lee reminded the Christians that the foundation for our faith is through God’s work of calling, regenerating, justifying and sanctifying us until we are united with Him in glory. In the second session, he then explained the meaning of the word “disciple” in the Bible and what God requires from all Christians. Finally, he challenged the campers to persevere and respond to God’s command to be His witnesses in this world with the promise of God’s presence with us as we live for Him in the world.

Besides the main theme talks, there were sessions to help the campers deal with the pressures of being a Christian in a non-Christian world. We exposed the campers to different ideas in evangelism, follow-up, ministry, reading the Bible, quiet time, Bible study and different evangelistic activities. They had the opportunity to use some of these ideas in the Detour evangelistic event held on the third day of the camp. (see inside)

One characteristic of e-Action over the years is to ensure that the campers do not just give verbal assent to evangelism – a good intention without any action after the camp. We provided many opportunities for the campers to continue to obey God in evangelism after the camp by providing support through materials and training for them to carry out evangelism in their churches, working with them in evangelism and organizing evangelistic activities. We also challenged them to join mission teams to serve with some churches at the end of the year. Our prayer and hope is that they would continue to preach the gospel on their own.

e-Action 7: Disciple GPS video