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Geared to the Time, Anchored to the Rock!

My Thots

Project Serve 1 2017 (Li Song)

When I knew I was chosen to be an assistant team leader, I was scared. On the first day, I was quite nervous and I did not know what to do, nor did I have confidence to explain the Bible to my group members. I rarely spoke as my team leader did all the talking. […]

Project Serve 1 2017 (Andrew)

Through this camp, I rethink my Christian identity. In an activity during the camp, I realized that although I can go to heaven, I have not really placed my full faith in God 100%. This was a wake-up call for me. I decided that I must seriously live in Christ every minute of my life. […]

Project Serve 1 2017 (Lily Chia)

This was my first time joining in this training. I learned a lot from the other leaders on how to lead our members, care about their life and spiritual needs, guide them to think and understand the scriptures, and encourage them to preach the gospel. I also learned the Word of God from the teaching […]

Project Serve 1 2017 (Hui Mei)

What touched me most was that during this training, I was able to share the gospel to four unbelievers. Of these, 2 were willing to believe in Jesus. This surprised me. It greatly encouraged me in evangelism. Although the other two were not interested, I hope the seed of the gospel would bear fruit one […]

Project Serve 1 2017 (Ken Kui)

Through this camp, I have learnt to make use of creative evangelism skills to preach the gospel to my friends. Also, my friends and I will be having devotion together in order to learn God’s word and grow together spiritually. Project serve 1 camp allowed me to learn and also reminded me how to live […]