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Geared to the Time, Anchored to the Rock!



POP (Prayer Outreach Partnership) meetings are ongoing in various schools. It is a platform for us to meet Christian students to pray and encourage them to reach their non-Christian friends with the gospel. This meeting is held once a month.

On 31 August, we conducted BIG (Buddies In the Gospel) POP. This gathering is held once every 3 months. We bring together various POP groups from different schools to update them about their effort in evangelism and to spur each other to share the gospel.

That day, 15 students and 9 volunteers joined our staffs to climb Bukit Beruang Hill. We sang songs, shared from the Word and prayed as we stopped at a few checkpoints along the climb. At the last checkpoint, we invited the students to respond and commit to different opportunities in ministry. I pray that they would stay true to their decisions. It will be a waste if they just come to have fun only.

                                        Nyet Lee (Malacca YFC staff)